Want a Gorgeous Lawn Year Round?

No one wants to spend time mowing their yard just see it creeping up again and with the occasional patch that just doesn't want to grow leaving an eyesore in your yard, why bother? With artificial grass you don't have to! Have perfect grass installed where it looks beautiful all year round with little to no maintenance so you can get back to whats important! Enjoy a beautiful lawn with your family and just hire us once a year to stop by to groom and clean it so it looks like it was freshly mowed. We install new turf and are maintenance services on it so you have one less thing to worry about.

Turf is the Way to Go

  • No need to water your new grass
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • No Need to Mow
  • Detours Gophers, they don't like the turf and are less likely to bother you
  • Pristine yard year round
  • Feels and looks like natural grass
  • Make your neighbors envious of your beautiful lawn
  • Hire us ONCE a year to do maintenance and bring it back to life and make it like new again!
To see if turf is right for you we always offer FREE consultations! We want to go over all your options and make your dream lawn come true! Call 619-851-3222 to learn more.
Call 619-851-3222

Wanting a beautiful lawn with little to no maintenance? Call us for a customized consultation to see what kind of turf would be perfect for you!

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